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Michael McDougall

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What I am

I work for GrammaTech in Ithaca, NY. My research there focuses on tools for finding and mitigating security flaws and other flaws in software. I'm leading one project on software visualization for large systems, and another on improving tools used by NASA for software quality.

In the past, I led GrammaTech's recruiting efforts and headed a project on security analysis for the semantic web.

I also contribute to other research and commercial projects.


Research Interests

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Generally I am interested software engineering and security issues, especially the application of formal methods to those issues. (There's a decent plain-english article about this field in an old Economist.)

My dissertation was on policy automata, a formal model of stateful access-control policies. I implemented a tool called Polaris that checks these policies, looking for problems like conflicts and redundancies. This work is part of the OpEm project. I was interviewed by the Daily Pennsylvanian (the local student paper) about this work.

Here are some specific projects I was involved in while in school:


Other Work

Things I do that aren't really research:


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My brother can be seen here (he's the one on the bottom).

My in-laws run a decorating center in Halifax.

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