Policy Integration for Java Cards


Polaris is a model-based design framework for creating flexible and modular access policies appropriate for embedded devices.

Policies in polaris are described as policy automata, a formal model of stateful access-control policies. Polaris checks these policies, looking for problems like conflicts and redundancies. Polaris also compiles the automata into Java Card applets suitable for a programmable credit card. This work is part of the OpEm project. The Daily Pennsylvian, a local student paper, interviewed some of the researchers about this work.

About the Software

Polaris is written in Java. It uses some code from Hermes, especially the Hipyx library for creating hierarchical diagrams.



Michael McDougall, Rajeev Alur and Carl A. Gunter. "A Model-Based Approach to Integrating Security Policies for Embedded Devices". To appear at ACM EMSOFT, Italy, September 2004. Full paper - PS PDF

The Java files corressponding to the policy automata in the paper can be seen here: